may 18, 2019
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In the name of ULP – Universidade Lusófona do Porto, PAFO – Associação Lusófona de Proteção contra Incidentes, Acidentes e Desastres and FEU – Federation of the European Union Fire Officers Associations, and personally, I thank all those who contributed to the great success IX Jornadas Novos Paradigmas da Proteção Civil / International Meeting on Forest Fires in Europe, as well as all those who have honored us with their presence.

The President of the Organizing Committee



Great forest fires: a new challenge to Europe.



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The great fires are a scourge with which the countries of Southern Europe have been debating over the years but something new is happening. Year after year, forest fires increase in intensity, with unparalleled severity, but they also extend to unforeseen latitudes.

Portugal 2017, Greece 2018, Sweden 2018 e UK 2018!

What’s happening? Is it an inevitability caused by climate change? Are the preventive measures inadequate? Is the combat that fails?

How to deal with this new reality?

This is the starting point for a conference which has a tripartite organization between the Lusophone University of Porto, a Associação Lusófona de Proteção contra Incidentes, Acidentes e Desastres e a Federation of the European Union Fire Officers Associations and is included in The Safe EXPO 2019, with a stage right in the center of this great event.

With a group of speakers who were the first actors in the most critical events in Europe over the past years, experts and researchers from various origins and participants from more than 30 countries, including confirmed presence of important delegations from major international institutions and companies from European countries, United States of America, Brazil and Angola, it is believed that the conditions for a real exchange of experiences, critical thinking and debate are gathered, going beyond the simple analysis of occurrences and contribute to a deeper understanding of them, prospecting a Future that challenges us.

As in previous editions, this project of the Degree in Civil Protection Engineering of Lusophone University of Porto is addressed to all professionals, public and private entities and citizens committed to Civil Protection and the protection of the Forest:

  • National and international organizations with direct or undirect committment with Civil Protection and Forest sectors.
  • Political leaders: nacional, municipal councils and parish councils.
  • Municipal Civil Protection Services and Forestry Technical Offices and similar on a regional and local basis.
  • Companies and other private Third Sector organizations linked to Forest and Civil Protection.
  • High Schools, Professional and Higher Education Schools: teachers and students.
  • All citizens committed with Civil Protection and Forest values.

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